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Sediment Control
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Stormtec has set the standard for sediment control solutions most notably being first to market in Western Canada with nearly every technology currently being used in the industry. Our company was founded with Sediment Control being our specialization and since that time we’ve not only set the bar, but have continued to raise it with our customer-centric philosophy and commitment to best practice.

Stormtec has been designing, constructing and monitoring sediment treatment systems for over 15 years. Our treatment systems have been trusted to treat construction site water from some of BC’s largest infrastructure projects, ensuring these projects meet their stringent environmental standards. That said, there is no job too big or too small. We have a solution for you.

It is important to understand that sediment laden water from every construction site reacts differently to various treatment strategies. Implementing cost effective and reliable strategies requires local knowledge and experience and a diverse inventory of equipment and chemistry to appropriately approach each site challenge. We have a diverse team of chemists, engineers, scientists, practitioners and technicians to guarantee we can solve your most difficult sediment treatment challenge. 



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