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Pumping Solutions
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STORMTEC’S Pumping Solutions Division solves customer’s challenges of conveying water using pumps and pipe. This may be to temporarily draw down the water table to allow for dry excavations (Dewatering) or to bypass water or sewage around and active construction zone using a temporary pumping system (Bypass). In either case, careful design and experience is key to ensuring that the active work in the remains dry and unencumbered while work zone area is active, keeping your project on schedule.


Well Pointing

Need a shallow (< 8 m) trench or excavation dewatered? Well-pointing is an approach that STORMTEC uses to install a “curtain” of relatively closely spaced, small diameter suction wells that are either drilled or jet-punched into position. A header pipe connects all the wells at the surface. A specialty high-suction vacuum pump is then connected to the header pipe to provide suction at the specified depth to draw down the water table either along a line (for trench dewatering) or around in a box (for a rectangular excavation). 

Deep Well

For dewatering deeper excavations (> 8m), a deep-well system may be the solution. For this method or dewatering, STORMTEC installs a larger well(s) by drilling to depth and then lowering an electric submersible pump down inside the casing pipe to draw water from the bottom and “push” the water up to the surface. These wells can be much deeper as they do not rely on suction. As the wells can be deeper and individually draw more water, they are installed at much greater spacing than well points to achieve the desired affect of lowering the water table and providing a dry excavation. 


Sewer Bypass

Need to replace or rehabilitate an active section of storm or sanitary sewer line? In most cases, one cannot simply turn off the flow while replacing or repairing an active sewer. STORMTEC’S team provides a temporary bypass solution that isolates the section in question by installing a surface bypass that pumps the sewage up, around and back down from manhole to manhole allowing unrestricted access to the bypasses pipe. Our solutions include the design, pumps, pipe and automation necessary to maintain flow during construction. Overall system design, equipment selection, 24 hour monitoring,  system redundancy, sound attenuation are all factor evaluated as part of the solution.

Creek Bypass

Sometimes projects demand access inside a watercourse requiring the creek to be bypassed temporarily in order to maintain flow. Careful planning and unique, dependable pumping solutions are necessary to ensure a successful bypass while also having minimum impact on the natural environment. STORMTEC’S creek bypass solutions ensure that the construction area remains dry while also meeting each stakeholders’ unique regulations.

Check out our feature video about our pumping solutions:







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