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Upper Lillooet Hydro

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Pemberton Valley, BC

Client: CRT - EBC

Flow Rate: 1,000 GPM

Discharge Point: Aquatic Habitat

CRT-EBC is the Prime Contractor for the Upper Lillooet Hydro Electric Project (ULHP) which includes two run-of-river, clean energy generation facilities located in the Pemberton Valley.

Construction activities included penstock pipe placement and excavation and consolidation of two tunnels.

Water infiltrating the tunnel must be contained and pumped to a water management system to remove a large volume of sediment produced during the tunnel construction.  

Since Stormtec’s high flow sediment control systems were installed in three different locations, the project has had no environmental exceedances continuously meeting BCWQGs.

Stormtec used cost effective environmentally conscious chemistry to induce floc formation and proprietary equipment to manage sedimentation of the formed floc. As a result, effluent levels of less than 1 NTU were achieved on a regular basis. 

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