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The river project
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The River

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Calgary, BC

Client: Ledcor

Flow Rate: 400 GPM

Discharge Point: City of Calgary Storm Water System

With units ranging from 1.2 - 8.9 million, this elite condo development, located along the picturesque Elbow River, in the district of Mission, has been an exciting project for Stormtec to be a part of.

We have been successful in providing a high quality of service to a high end client. From acquiring the baseline water samples and dewatering permit, to providing an on-site technician for the duration of the project, we have been successful in offering superior services to our client.

Due to the limited space on site we designed the system in a bi-level configuration with all equipment placed on a platform built on top of the weir tank. This innovative system design significantly reduces the overall equipment footprint and eliminates wasted space.

In addition the system is enclosed in a shrink- wrapped hoarding structure which not only gives us the ability to heat the equipment area throughout the winter months, but also keeps the majority of our dewatering equipment contained and out of the way for others working on site, with the added bonus of a pleasant aesthetic appearance.

With the proximity to the Elbow River and the high flow rates that are associated with it, this project provides a challenge that Stormtec is happy to meet, and exceed expectations not only with the discharge results, but with the type of service only we can provide.

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