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Pond Remediation
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Pond Remediation

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East Central AB

Client: Oil & Gas Producer

Total Discharge: 2,000 Cubic Meters 

Discharge Point: Overland 

In spring of 2015, Stormtec was contracted by an Environmental Consultant on behalf of a well-known producer to help reduce production costs by remediating a facility’s pond in East-Central Alberta.

The pond had high levels of mainly BTEX and TSS, and in order to avoid a reportable overflow, needed to be emptied. The producer had historically used a combination of vacuum trucks and deep well disposal to dewater the pond, and while this method is standard practice, the costs of doing so can be prohibitively high.

At that point Stormtec was engaged, and through review of analytical information provided by the consultant, was able to recommend a treatment process which allowed for water from the pond to be discharged on location, keeping numerous trucks off the road, and most importantly, keeping the water in the local watershed.

For the project, Stormtec delivered and commissioned the treatment system to site, instructed site staff on its use, and returned to demobilize it once given word that the customer was prepared to do so. Through this type of partnership, the producer was able to reduce their planned costs for this work by over 50%. The potential for significant cost savings was realized, and the project was widely considered to be a success.

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