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Pipeline prefiltration
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Pipeline Prefiltration

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Northern AB

Client: Environmental Consultant on behalf of oil & gas producer

Flow Rate: 1 Cubic Meter / Min

Discharge Point: Overland sprinkler system

As the result of an incident resulting in a pipeline breach, Stormtec was approached to provide a solution for an optimized pre-filtration process prior to the released fluid undergoing reverse osmosis treatment.

In partnership with the Environmental Consultant through the winter months, Stormtec was able to recommend and provide this process, complete with specialized filtration media to be available on short notice for the impending spring runoff.

Providing a full-time on site operator, Stormtec delivered the quality of water, at the required PSI, for the reverse osmosis unit to have ideal treatment conditions. The on-site operator also added value to the project by working with the rest of the crew to create a project team capable of providing each other support when needed.

Stormtec considers this project a success not only because of the quality of water we were able to deliver, or the high expectations we were able to meet, but because of our ability to work together with all stakeholders involved to form a strong team, able to deliver a strong result to the end client.

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