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Oil Refinery
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Oil Refinery

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Burnaby, BC

Client: MAC & MAC Hydrodemolition Services Inc

Flow Rate: 150 GPM

Discharge Point: Metro Vancouver

The refinery serviced, is an oil refinery located in the city of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. The facility refines crude and synthetic oil into gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, asphalts, heating fuels, heavy fuel oils, butanes, and propane. Capable of processing 52,000 bbl/d. Crude oil is supplied to the facility from Northern British Columbia and Alberta through the 1,200-kilometre Kinder Morgan Pipe Line.

Stormtec was hired on as a sub-contractor by MAC & MAC Hydrodemolition Services Inc. to assist with performing pond maintenance with four large treatment ponds. The ponds treat the process water used to help clean hydrocarbons from the refinery site.

Stormtec installed a mobile treatment system to bypass individual ponds (treating the water) while Mac & Mac drained, cleaned, and performed the required maintenance. 

Stormtec’s unique treatment system, along with Halosource flocculent, and 24/7 monitoring allowed for a very successful water treatment project, while meeting or exceeding all discharge required by the customer.

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