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Train Derailment
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Creek Bypass

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National Park, AB

Client: Remediation Contractor

Total Discharge: 12,000 GPM

Discharge Point: Creek 

After an incident where a train derailed, there was a release of non-toxic cargo into a protected creek located in a National Park. The cleanup of the material was awarded to the emergency response contractor who asked for Stormtec to become involved at that point.

Stormtec’s scope consisted of two separate tasks: the first was a full capacity bypass of the creek itself, and the second was filtration of the water within the work area. Both tasks were crucial to the remediation project, and both were dependent on each other.

For the bypass portion of the project Stormtec provided a high capacity pumping system which also included redundancy in the form of a backup pump. Pumping at full capacity and utilizing self-cleaning fish screens, Stormtec was able to bypass the entire flow of the creek, calculated at ~45,630 L/min.

While the work area was being bypassed, Stormtec also provided pump and treat settling systems for the material that was being suspended in the water during clean-up operations. Three filtration systems were operational at the same time, all producing water below criteria for discharge back downstream into the creek.

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