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Contaminated Pond
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Contaminated Pond

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Central AB

Client: Oil & Gas Producer

Total Discharge: ~2,000 Cubic Meters

Discharge Point: Overland 

An oil and gas production company was looking for a solution to manage a gas facility surface water pond in Central Alberta which was filling up beyond normal levels and needed to be lowered.

Analytical testing showed the pond was contaminated with high levels of COD. Faced with expensive trucking and disposal costs, they needed a solution that was economically practical and efficient.

Stormtec was able to work directly with the producer to develop a strategy for treatment and discharge on site, giving the producer the opportunity to return the water to the landowner and watershed from where it came.

With a full time technician operating the filtration system, Stormtec was able to reduce the traditional trucking and disposal costs by a significant margin.

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