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AB city center
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City Center

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Calgary, AB

Client:  PCL

Flow Rate: 350 GPM

Discharge Point: City of Calgary storm water system

Calgary City Center is an exciting large scale project being credited for starting the revitalization of the Eau Claire area of downtown Calgary. The multi-tower development occupies a very large area and required an equally large excavation. With its proximity to the Bow River dewatering was a major consideration for the project. The construction manager at PCL chose Stormtec to provide water management expertise based on our success working together on past projects.

With inflow rates expected as high as 350GPM, a larger than normal system was designed to provide proper filtration at the high flow rates. A secant shoring system was used to help control groundwater. Although this type of shoring is an efficient method to reduce the volume of groundwater infiltrating the excavation, the calcium in the concrete increases the pH to levels which are not acceptable to discharge. Stormtec was easily able to reduce the pH of the water while filtering all of the sediment. This allowed the water to be discharged directly to the Bow River via the City of Calgary storm sewer system.

Although the daily monitoring of the system is done by PCL’s on-site personnel, Stormtec has remained actively involved with site visits and maintenance in order to maintain the highest level of service and a positive relationship with the client.

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