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Vaughan, ON

Client: Aquatech Pump and Power

Flow Rate: 400-600 GPM

Discharge Point: Community stormwater retention pond

Stormtec was contracted to the GTA to assist with the dredging of a stormwater retention pond in a residential area of Vaughan. Stormtec shipped flocculent and flocculent injection equipment to the project, which required 100m3 of sediment to be dredged out of the pond using a remote control dredging system.

The customer had tried various other flocculents with little success and hoped that Stormtec would be able to help provide a solution. A Stormtec field technician installed 2 flocculent injection systems on site, one to inject the LBP 2101 pre-treatment biopolymer and the second to inject the chitosan flocculent in order to reduce the 40% solids that were present in the water stream.

The quality of water entering the dewatering bag had such high turbidity that it didn’t even register on the NTU scale, however, the combination of the HaloKlear DPS flocculent system and Stormtec’s on site ability, the water discharged from the bag was below 20NTU.

This type of dredging is poised to become the standardized method for sediment removal from water bodies. This project has proved once more, that Stormtec is at the forefront in providing innovative water management solutions.

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