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Avanti Kitsault Mine

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Client: Avanti Kitsault Mine Ltd.

Flow Rate: 1000 GPM

Discharge Point: Aquatic Habitat

Avanti Kitsault Mine Ltd. (AKML) is developing a mine approximately 120 km north of Terrace, BC. Once in operation, Avanti Kitsault Mine (AKM) will be one of the top four primary producers of molybdenum in the world.

The AKM plan is envisaged as a conventional truck-and-shovel open pit mining operation. Surface water run-off at the mine site is being collected in a contact pond prior to discharge to a local water stream. In order to ensure protection of the environment, AKML selected an eco-friendly solution to reduce the effluent turbidity.

After carrying out several tests on the water sample taken from the contact pond, Stormtec established that 2% chitosan-based flocculent worked extremely well in bringing effluent turbidity to levels below 2 NTU.  These tests also allowed Stormtec to determine an effective flocculent dose rate which enabled the customer to more accurately budget for consumables.

The Stormtec treatment system was designed to meet the required standards on a continuous basis and was installed on-site in May 2015. AKM adheres to a very strict environmental program. Therefore, in addition to the regular tests for turbidity, field tests for residual flocculent were carried out daily to confirm its absence in the discharge.  The project was successfully completed in June 2015 when all the water in the contact pond was treated to continuously meet BC Water Quality Guidelines to protect Freshwater Aquatic Life. 

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