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Aggregate Mine
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Aggregate Mine

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Coquitlam, BC

Client: Building Materials Provider

Flow Rate: Up to 600 GPM

Discharge Point: Fish-Bearing River 

An aggregate mine near Coquitlam, BC produces large amounts of sand and gravel for the construction industry. Fine particles are removed from the rock using clean water, which then needs to be clarified before discharge or reuse. Heavy rains increase the flow rate beyond the existing treatment system capacity. This highly turbid water was overflowing into a nearby receiving water. A solution was needed to quickly bring the effluent turbidity level to no more than 8 NTU above the background level.

Stormtec was called on to install a treatment system to treat the overflow. Testing revealed that HaloKlear eco-friendly flocculants, distributed in Canada exclusively by Stormtec, provided a very effective solution for TSS and turbidity reduction. The overflow water was pumped through the treatment system comprised of a dual flocculent injection unit, settling tanks and sand filters. Sand filtration helped ensure that even the finest floc particles were removed from the water prior to discharge. 

The initial turbidity of the water varied in the range from hundreds to thousands of NTU, well above the regulatory specification (less than 8 NTU above the background level). Stormtec’s system treated water at flow rates up to 600 gpm. The turbidity of the discharge water was continuously measured well below the BC Water Quality Criteria for turbidity.   

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